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Best running shoes for every runner (2018)

running shoes

Overwhelming by the thousands of running shoes in the market?

Worry not, trying to find right pair running shoes might be a headache for everyone whether you are a beginner or professional runner.  Opting a Right pair of running shoes can help you to prevent an injury and gives you pleasure while running, but buying wrong running shoes can leave you injured and by the time you have found the right pair of running shoes you have wasted money too. Compared to general shoes, running shoes give some clear advantage for running Whether it’s just a sprint down the road or an entire 50 km marathon, the key to a good run lies in lightweight of shoes. The Running shoes designed specifically for running and tends to be more durable and lightweight with a running-specific fit rather than fancy shoes.


Physically? No, but abruptly going barefooted or wearing a marginal shoe can be quite a shock to the foot and need a slow adaptation phase. But that isn’t the only concern about a shoeless running.

Barefooted running is fine up to the limited surface like on the beach or on grass, but it should be noted that city streets are covered in poop, glass, cigarette butts, etc.

 Many new runners or heavier runners find barefoot running to be uncomfortable, because while on running or even idle standing position most of the impact body weight impact on the foot, which can leaves you a long-term problem on your knees, ankle and even you spiral cord may suffer.

So here are the convincing reason why should you opt for running shoes,

Prevent injury

bare-foot injury

Running shoes has mid-sole cushioning which is one of the most important benefits associated with the use of running shoes. the midsole is the area between the ball and heel of the foot. foot cushioning provided by running shoes can reduce some of the stress placed on the heel, ankles and toes during a run. This makes the activity more comfortable and safer. Appropriate cushioning can also help alleviate or prevent knee, hip and back pain, as it improves body mechanics.


Opting for right running shoes can improve your athletic performance because the running shoes are lighter in weight which means it requires fewer efforts and will by extension allow you to run faster. Running shoes give some clear advantages for running, they’re light and the padding is geared to where your feet would be hitting the ground.

So with the extensive research and follow up with customers feedback we have compiled the list of best running shoes for every runner.


Under Armour Men’s Micro GA Assert 6 Running Shoes

The 6th version of the Micro G Assert from Under Armour makes running more comfortable and less exhausting to the wearer. This neutral shoe is able to handle many types of running, And the shoe comes with a price tag starting from 4599. This shoe, allows you run longer and faster without getting sore feet. This shoe has Micro G foam which gives you plenty of shock absorbency for some time to come

but still felt like it needed that extra bit of traction. But overall this shoe help you make a running more enjoyable Because of plenty of cushioning and lightweight of the shoe.

At this price point, you will be hard pressed finding running shoes these nice.

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New Balance Men’s 890 V6

This Pair of 890v6 from new balance is an exclusive design shoe for ready to run with a sleek, engineered mesh upper and arch-hugging bootie construction. This running shoe offers a snug and supportive fit. Plus, Revile mid-sole foam offers ultra-lightweight responsive cushioning through every stride, and TPU forefoot strips help provide a fast underfoot feel. This pair from new balance might be the ideal shoe for running, and even for a gym because of lighter weight and an agreeable response during low and medium-mile runs. This pair of 890v6 comes with an attractive price tag of 7041 INR.

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Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33


This product from Nike (Air max zoom Pegasus) offering you a very comfortable cushioning without being overly soft, the shoe is light and deliver good support around the foot. These are perfect for long walks, runs or days being on your feet. Even If you cover 100+ miles in a day, this did not create any sores or blisters. These shoes provide you with very good ventilation, you can feel the air go through. This shoe comes at the price tag of 10455 INR.

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Mizuno Wave Catalyst

Mizuno Wave Catalyst

The Mizuno wave catalyst is one of the best stability runner shoes comes at a price tag of 7910 INR. This shoe is Ideal for heel and mid-foot striking runners. And come with a Breathable air mesh upper with lightweight synthetic overlays. Dynamotion fit eliminates bunching, pulling, and sliding by moving seamlessly with the foot and provide very good stability while running which enhance your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. Many reviewers appreciated the stretch capability of the upper of this running shoe. The cushioning is consistent and the light stability features make it a very appealing shoe.

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ASICS Women’s Gt-2000 5

This product from Asics (Gt-2000 5) is specially design for the women which provide a great stability and support with reduced weight and increased platform support. And also these shoes come with an affordable price starting from 4725 INR. This shoe has the forefoot and rear foot cushioning system which reduces shock during impact and toe-off phases and allows which reduce the risk of injury. If you have knee problem you face any kind pain while physical activity then trusts me this shoes perfect pair for you.

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Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13


the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 running shoe keeps you flexible, supportive comfort. The mid-sole construction is key with these shoes – it bridges that weak spot between the forefoot and the arch (or lack thereof) for people with moderate pronation. The genius of the wave inspire 13 is that the weight is fairly equally distributed throughout the shoe. It provides support, excellent cushioning and total comfort. This is the Lexus hybrid of running shoes. If you have flat feet and this shoe might be the perfect option for you.

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Brook  Mazama 2

The Brook Mazama is the premium category running shoes which come under the expensive price tag of 24,900 INR. This is not like other running shoes it specially designs for the performances oriented. This shoe is excellent for trail running if you go for trail running these shoes might be the best shoes for you. The brook mazama is a responsive and lively shoe, and able to handle flat section and rolling hills and downhills with ease.

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Budget Lightweight Support Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Charged Lightning Running Shoes

under armour shoes budget shoe

If you are looking for a good brand running shoe deal at a budget, this product from an under armour might be a good deal for you. This product equipped with the all necessary attribute. This shoe is tailored for the runners who are looking to stay light and go fast.  Even shoes built a lower midsole that sits closer to the ground so you‘re always ready to strike. The price of this shoes is very affordable which is 4095 INR.

UA lighting has a great design, great colourways, very comfortable, and strong grip and rubber.

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New balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lazr Sports Running Shoe


Lazr foam running shoe from new balance is very lightweight, comfortable and also comes at a very budget-friendly price of 4547 INR. New balance this time has used new first-ever laser-engraved fresh foam.  And fresh provide reactive cushioning when running.

The fresh foam LAZR is very comfortable, flexible and has supportive grip. Shoes also come At very attractive colourways like castle rock & white black or etc

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Reebok Men’s Active Sports Mesh Running Shoes

Reebok running budget shoe

The mesh running shoes from the Reebok is the most budget-friendly running shoes on our list it comes at the price tag of 3499 INR. The shoe looks stunning and very comfortable one and Soul has a very nice grip, Graphics are good, it is light in weight. if you are looking for a shoes minimal and daily use shoe then you can definitely go for this one.

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There isn’t a best-running shoe. Rather, which specific shoe suits you personally.

When you plan to buy a pair of running shoes, make sure that you consider the factors like 

the shape of your foot– today running shoes is not limited up to certain category they make the product according to the different foot types. So keep your foot types in your mind, and align your foot with the proper shoe category.

Your need– you must also consider your need while purchasing, why you need running shoes? You might needed marathon, short tail running or etc

Good Fit – good fitting is the most important factor in running shoes if your fitting is not right might feel irritation or awkward sensations.  

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